music is magic

day one.  alpha  post.  obligatory introduction?  no.  i’ll jump right in with the goods. 

tuesdays shall be posts dedicated to music.  i have a pretty diverse musical interest and i’d love to educate, enlighten, or entertain any unwary internet travellers who happen upon this corner of the blogging universe.  i may mention my own musical capabilities, but more likely, i’ll just post about whatever music is currently in my head.

this post will sort of do both.

i work as a musical director at a children’s theatre here in seattle.  during summers, we hold week-long daycamps themed around musicals.  well, the very last week of a long summer saw only a few camps held (some schools had started back up already, etc.), and with the less hectic atmosphere, some of us decided to push the boundaries a little in regards to the material:  this was the week of the mash-up.  it had been done before (albeit infrequently) that summer, but the amount, and level of difficulty this last week was definitely bumped up a few notches.  in particular, one musical director combined “for good” from his wicked-themed camp with “somewhere over the rainbow” – two songs that were just meant to be together.  i mention this back story because in october, i was honoured to reacquaint myself with the arrangement in order to perform at a halloween showcase with another fabulously talented vocalist, accompanied by the arranger himself.

take a listen.  be amused.  be inspired.

“for good” arranged by michael nutting, featuring melina karu and jenny shotwell


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