thursday: korean lolita brands!

i’d like to focus approximately one post per week on a fashion that i love called lolita.  for those of you who may not be familiar with the fashion, i’d love to enlighten you.  for those who know the fashion, i hope you enjoy a fresh perspective! 

***i do want to preface this post (and all other lolita-themed posts) by saying i do not want my blog to be a “lolita blog” – i truly love lolita style, but it’s not my only interest.  i am much more than lolita, and i want my blog to be about all of me.***

that being said, today’s specific lolita topic is KOREAN LOLITA BRANDS!

my sister has been living in korea for about a year now (i’ll leave the “why” of that for another post), and so i’ve become quite enamored with everything korea.  but when you see some of these designs, it won’t be hard to see why korean lolita brands are taking the fashion by storm!

1.  baroque

2.  dear margaret (formerly apricot)

3.  haenuli

4.  maggot

5.  paradise kiss

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