thursday: korean lolita brands!

i’d like to focus approximately one post per week on a fashion that i love called lolita.  for those of you who may not be familiar with the fashion, i’d love to enlighten you.  for those who know the fashion, i hope you enjoy a fresh perspective! 

***i do want to preface this post (and all other lolita-themed posts) by saying i do not want my blog to be a “lolita blog” – i truly love lolita style, but it’s not my only interest.  i am much more than lolita, and i want my blog to be about all of me.***

that being said, today’s specific lolita topic is KOREAN LOLITA BRANDS!

my sister has been living in korea for about a year now (i’ll leave the “why” of that for another post), and so i’ve become quite enamored with everything korea.  but when you see some of these designs, it won’t be hard to see why korean lolita brands are taking the fashion by storm!

1.  baroque

2.  dear margaret (formerly apricot)

3.  haenuli

4.  maggot

5.  paradise kiss

blog shout-out!!!

so many crazy things happened today, most of which i am not at liberty to disclose on a public blog, but let’s just say it involved a lot of phone calls to and from roofing companies.

that being said, i didn’t get much of a chance to think about what to say tonight.  yes, i’m blogging again, even after only one day.  oh, didn’t you hear?  my new year’s resolution for 2013 was to start and actually keep up on a blog.  so here it is.

it’s wednesday.  i’d like to do a little bloggy shout-out every week or so, to blogs that are real standouts, but may not get much notice outside of their “world” due to unusual content, etc.  so here’s the first wednesday blog shout-out.

cupcake’s clothes – an absolutely CHARMING young lass from across the pond, who gives near-daily insight into her unique sense of fashion, as well as being super crafty and adorable.  and her name is georgina – how freaking CUTE is that?!

violet lebeaux – from across an entirely different pond, this lovely aussie gal chronicles the “tales of an ingenue” – usually centred around hair and makeup tutorials and other home and fashion diy posts.  she’s thorough and handy.  (and, yes, i know those aren’t compliments many girls receive, but it’s so true!)  take a look!

zeruda’s wonderland – back to europe we go!  swedish beauty, zeruda, captures everyday life in sweden with romantically rustic fashion and trying to “enjoy the little things in life” – and she does it so delightfully!  it’s very dreamy to me.  i get all nostalgic for sweden and i’ve never even been there.

if you notice, these blogs are all somewhat girly and the ladies who author them have much in common.  the biggest commonality to me is that they are all former lolitas.  i will get into lolita another day, but it’s a fashion style i adore.  these ladies have graduated, so to speak, but their fashion styles branched out in three very different ways.  and i love them all!

if you have a favourite fo-lo blog, let me know in the comments!

happy twenty-thirteen!  :”D

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